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Planning Your Trip

When preparing for your trip one needs to take into account the time of year. This will dictate the length of our trips, where we fish islands or off-shore, the size and variety of species encountered, and tackle requirements. Always take into account the weather conditions you will encounter. You will be exposed to what Mother Nature has in store for you during the trip. For hot sunny days you will need a hat, sun glasses and sun screen and remember to stay hydrated, later on during the year on fall trips we will encounter colder weather off at the islands so bring rain gear and wear layers of clothing to remove as the conditions change. Always think ahead to what you will encounter and you can expect to have a relaxing and exhilarating trip of a lifetime that is sure to exceed all of your expectations.

Please visit The Weather Underground for a complete forecast for your scheduled trip.

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Your Personal Gear
Rods and Reels
Terminal Tackle
Seasonal Target Fish Species

1 & 2 Day Trips:
• 3 rods and reels with 25#, 40#, and 60#
• Assorted hooks 4'2 and 2's for anchovies and 2/0 - 6/0 for sardines
• Assorted sinkers, 1/2 oz to 2 oz sliders
• 6 FishTrap lures with 2 oz heads and assorted tails
• 6 chrome and blue heavy lures with single hooks

Winter Fishing
• ROCK COD TRIPS - Pier Point Landing, Long Beach 150 - 360 ft depth (Depending on weather)
• Dacron and Spectra - Highly Recommended
• Up to 2 hooks
• 1 - 2 lbs weight
• Wintertime Yellowtail 25 - 40 lb line
• Torpedo 2 to 4 oz
• Sliding sinkers 1 to 2 oz

Spring Fishing
• Pier Point Landing, Long Beach - 1 & 2 day 20 - 30 lb casting rod
• 40 - 50 lb bottom outfit
• 3/8 to 1 oz sliding sinkers
• 2 to 8 oz torpedo sinkers
• 1 to 6/0 hooks

Spring Rock Cod Fishing
• 150 - 300 ft depth (Depending on weather)
• Dacron and Spectra- HIGHLY RECOMENDED
• Up to 2 hooks
• 1-2 lbs of weight
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