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Rods and Reels

Our Rod and Reel suggestions below are to be used as a guideline to help you prepare for wide variety of fishing we will do on these long range trips. There are other manufacturer’s models, and a variety of other manufacturer’s whose products are of excellent quality and may be readily substituted for those we outlined below. If you have specific question please contact our office or your local saltwater/long-range tackle dealer for the most current recommendations for your long range trip destination.

Valid Photo Identification is required on all trips US & Mexican waters. Fishing in California waters requires a valid California Ocean license and Mexico requires a Mexican Permit.

Rig 1
Line Size:   80#
Rod Size:   6455XXH or 6455XH with roller guides
Reel Size:   Penn 6/0 or Penn 50 International
Rig 2
Line Size:   60#
Rod Size:   6465H, GF760M Calstar Grafighter
Reel Size:   Shimano TLD30II or Penn 30T (both 2 speed)
Rig 3
Line Size:   50#
Rod Size:   6465H, GF760M Calstar Grafighter
Reel Size:   Penn 4/0 Yellowtail Special
Rig 4
Line Size:   30#
Rod Size:   670H or 865XH
Reel Size:   Penn 500, Daiwa SL30, Newell 338 or Accurate 500
Rig 5
Line Size:   25#
Rod Size:   870 or 970
Reel Size:   Daiwa SL20 or Newell 229

  • The preferred brands of Rods: Calstar Grafighter, Calstar, Seeker Black Steel Graphite and Seeker Classic E Glass.
  • All Reels should have light weight Aluminum spools. Newell and Accurate are best.
  • Preferred brand of line is Izorline (blue or clear).
There are several variations on models and types of Rods and Reels. We've listed the model numbers that we feel work best. Your favorite California Saltwater Tackle Store can assist you in comparable products if you wish. If you need the name and phone numbers of a reputable Tackle Store near you, please call us.

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