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Terminal Tackle

Our Terminal Tackle are suggestions to be used as a guideline and should be modified due to the type of fishing we will do on your particular trip. The Pacific Star also provides basic tackle needs to replace line, sinkers and other terminal tackle if needed at competitive prices.

Valid Photo Identification is required on all trips US & Mexican waters. Fishing in California waters requires a valid California Ocean license and Mexico requires a Mexican Permit.

Mustad 94150, Bronze finish   Size:   2/0 - 24 ea.
4/0 - 24 ea.
6/0 - 24 ea.
9/0 - 24 ea.
Owner Gorilla
  Size:   3/0 - 12 ea.
4/0 - 12 ea.
Mackerel Rigs:
Owner Octopus 4 hooks
4 ea.
2lb Spool of most commonly used: 30#, 40#, and 50# (Blue for day, Clear for day or night).   1 ea.
Sliding 2oz, 4oz, 8oz
Torpedo 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12 oz
Split Shot PSS-2 (good for Albacore)
  12 ea.
12 ea.
1 bag
Casting Lures:
Salas 6X, Salas 6XJr, and CP105
Assorted colors: Chrome, Blue/White, Green/Yellow, etc. Treble and single hooks.
  2 ea.
Trolling Lures: <
Catchy Tackle Little Jet
Zuker or Sevenstrand Clones
Mexican Flag
S/S Double Hooks
  1 ea.
1 ea.
1 ea.
2 ea.
Bass Lures: A selection of: Scampies, LeadHeads, Mojo, Scroungers, etc.
  When deciding on lures, it is sometimes best to wait and consult the personnel at Seaforth Landing Tackle, prior to your departure. They have current information and know what's working.

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